A New Look

PeepersIf you’ve come to my blog and found a new look, don’t worry! It’s still me. I just wanted to update my look here, since I’ll be adding reading glasses to my repertoire of writing tools.

I went in for my first eye exam in 25 years and though I still have the vision of a fighter pilot – the doctor’s words, not mine – she did say that eye fatigue was getting the better of me and larger, cleaner font would help.  So, on the doctor’s orders, I found a template that was a little less pink and a lot easier to read. You’re welcome!

If you click on the funny little black box on the left hand side of the page, you’ll find a menu, which will take you to my other pages – about, starring, #signs, etc. If you scroll down, you will find the “Follow” button, tags and archives. If you’re reading the blog at the top of the home page, you’ve found my latest work.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll have a new post for you soon.


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  1. Your perspectives on life is always so thought provoking! How coincidental, Annie & I saw the same movie last night! I’m heading to my lake for a drink now! Thank You!


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