Cast of Characters

If you become a regular reader of this blog – and I hope you will – I thought it would be nice to have a little help keeping track of   ‘the regulars’ who are going to show up time and again.


“Ali,” wife, mother, writer, teacher, dancer, seeker, pray-er, laugh-er, cook-er, launder-er


“Babe,” the husband intentionally on the journey with me, surf shop owner, dishwasher


“Kiko,” the oldest, a teenage girl, an artist and musician, who loves to work with her hands – clothing, makeup, paint, or construction tools


“The Lad,” the middle child and only son, a freckle-faced, mini-version of husband, high school athlete and Instagram pro


“The Baby,” who isn’t really a baby, but who still holds that place in our hearts

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  1. Dear Ali,
    You’ve done it again…a lovely piece. Thank you for sharing yourself like this. It will be a great experiment.
    Merry Christmas to you ,Tim and your children…we’ll miss seeing you Christmas Eve.
    Carol Spong


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