Cast of Characters

If you become a regular reader of this blog – and I hope you will – I thought it would be nice to have a little help keeping track of   ‘the regulars’ who are going to show up time and again.


“Ali,” wife, mother, writer, teacher, dancer, seeker, pray-er, laugh-er, cook-er, launder-er


“Babe,” the husband intentionally on the journey with me, surf shop owner, dishwasher


“Kiko,” the oldest, a teenage girl, an artist and musician, who loves to work with her hands – clothing, makeup, paint, or construction tools


“The Lad,” the middle child and only son, a freckle-faced, mini-version of husband, high school athlete and Instagram pro


“The Baby,” who isn’t really a baby, but who still holds that place in our hearts

One thought on “Starring

  1. Dear Ali,
    You’ve done it again…a lovely piece. Thank you for sharing yourself like this. It will be a great experiment.
    Merry Christmas to you ,Tim and your children…we’ll miss seeing you Christmas Eve.
    Carol Spong


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